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Spiritual Meaning Of Sensing A Spider Web, Cobweb, Goosebump -

What is the spiritual significance of feeling cobwebs, spider webs on the face?

The ability to feel Spirit is called clairsentience. This ability to feel Spirit also helps you sense the energy of those around you.

It's an ability that can lay dormant and then open up as you spiritually awaken.

Generally, the ability to sense the non-physical world increases as empathetic ability increases.

So, if you've been working on being a more compassionate and understanding person for those around you, your ability to sense Spirit can also open.

If you...

  • Have the ability to sense emotions, thoughts, and intentions of others around you

  • Have the ability to connect and bond closely with animals by anticipating their needs

  • Can read the room around you quite well

You likely have high natural level clairsentient abilities.

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Clairsentience, as with all aptitudes, is a muscle that can be grown and increased, and it's also something that can be decreased.

I prefer people with high levels of clairsentience because they tend to be more caring, humane, and loving beings.

They are highly attuned and guided towards love and joy, making relationships with people working on or open to their clairsentient gifts very rewarding.

High levels of clairsentience can mean you feel a lot and tend to get hyper-aware very quickly. But it also makes for a very loving, happy, and rewarding human experience over time.

By detecting others' emotions and thoughts, and then using this sensory information to connect with others in empathy and compassion, you are connecting with the Spirit of another living being.

So if you can connect with the Spirit of someone currently in a physical body, you can most definitely connect with the Spirit of someone in the non-physical.

Meaning, if you identify as somewhat empathetic and in touch with the emotions and needs of those around you, feeling other non-physical energies will be quite straightforward.

These non-physical energies can produce physical sensations on the skin.

What does feeling a Spider Web sensation mean?

Many people believe seeing a spider or evena spider web can be a good signand often represents creativity. Some people, including myself, also think this can be a sign you've stepped through an energy veil.

A veilis a sheer, and a thin layer separates the physical and the spiritual realms. Meaning you have sensed the membrane that separates the physical experience into a spiritual experience.

Two very similar worlds, but based within different energetic resonance levels, are separated by only the types of individuals that can reside there.

Occasionally these two worlds merge. When that happens, you may sense it - through your physical field's response to a shift in energy.

Veil that separates The Two Worlds Of Spirit

The Human Realm and The Spirit Realm are two 'ecosystems' that live side-by-side.

In an ecosystem, a particular community of beings is linked together through specific processes and a chain of shared energy transfers.

There are differences in particular ecosystems' physical, energetic, and environmental conditions, so stepping into a new one may feel differently.

So when two ecosystems come together, there is an invisible yet distinct line that separates the two different habitats.

This line is in shorelines, edges of forests, cliffs, tree layers of a rainforest. This is called a thermocline in a body of water, and when you pass through one, you can feel it. A similar layer exists when you step through such a line in The Spirit World.

When you get close to places where a distinct line in two worlds can meet and interact, people sensitive to energy changes may feel it. Usually on the exterior of their energy field first before it passes through them.

Thereis a distinct separating linebetween ecosystems in the world of Spirit, and it is also identifiable, exceptit's not always visible.

You'll start to sense properties of what the veil might be like on the edge of the veil,between The Spirit World and The Human World.

As you begin to walk past it, you may feel it, and some people describe it as feeling cob-webby, or like a spider web.Physical sensations are a sign you can feel the veil between the Spirit and Human World.

Common signs include sudden temperature changes, sensing sudden pressure changes, or feeling like you’ve just walked into a Spider Web.

This isn't the only way it can feel though, sensing the general Spirit World or those within it, here are:

3 Physical Sensations Common When Passing Into A Veil For The Spirit World

Feeling Psychic Chills, Goosebumps or Heat

The sensation of a positive temperature change can produce goosebumps or flush.

Temperature is a sign that energy is being added to or taken away from a space. The presence or exit of an individual from your environment is often the feeling of a temperature change.

This may produce goosebumps or psychic chills, or feeling a flush of energy.

Read more on this topic here:

Ears Popping/Buzzing

Ears can pick up pressure changes in your ambient environment or a shift in the dominant wave variety, which includes those Spirit sends.

When you enter into a more spiritual energy zone on earth, it generally results in a pressure change. It may produce buzzing, popping or ringing in the ears,as your body adjusts to the new pressure created by the frequencies in the space.

Spiderweb Sensations

As you begin to stand on the edge of any veil, you may feel some of the membrane that separates the two worlds. This could feel like tiny spider webs that aren’t there or something brushing up against you.

It’s a sign that you’re standing right in the place of the two worlds. Many people feel this prickle or charge right at the start of a concert or on a significant cultural change, either micro or macro. Sensing goosebumps is also right at the bridge where different energy is about to come through.

If you have started experiencing any of these sensations, you have begun the journey of sensing those in Spirit.

Spider web sensations are only a few of the ways you can sense Spirit, and it can be a sign you can sense other things.

For example, suppose you regularly sense these spiritual energy shifts in your environment. In that case, you may also be an empath and can detect energy changes on a more micro level, too.

Why you may be getting Goosebumps and Spider Web sensations

When people start sensing Spirit, or any other sort of non-physical energy, it's because something inside them desires to sense or experience something more magical in life.

This desire can emerge from within us at any time in life, and it can arise when your life is already quite magical.

Your soul may have requesteda new level of magic, the kind that will bring you to your next stage.

When this happens, your guidance system will usually send you on a journey that opens you open to experiencing a new layer in the world. All you have to do is allow it now.

In living, you can live the same life over and over, but get a whole new experience of it the next time around.

Life moves or opens up in circles of understanding. If you are opening to a new cycle, your psychic gifts may be increasing in many ways, such as greater clairsentience, empathy or the ability to perceive new layers.

So to recap

  • The cobweb sensation can be a sign you can experience the veil, a charge layer of energy between two spaces.

  • The feeling of walking into spider webs can be a sign you're clairsentient, and you may also be empathetic to other forms of feeling energy.

  • The three most common ways to feel spirit energy are cobwebs, heat, or ear-popping sensations.

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On understanding how clairsentient gifts work, check out the eBook, Managing Your Gifts.

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