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Call Steve and the team at Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations and they will come out and inspect your roof with no obligation…

Fussy Roof Restoration Reviews

The color is Colourbond Basalt, if you like the color and want to know how much to put on your roof, call us on 0409 558 359 or 0438 627 076

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The cost of original roof restoration is not cheap, so you need a business that will go the extra mile, extending the longevity of your newly restored roof.

An amazing new product called Nano Clear. This revolutionary coating allows us to offer a 5-year guarantee for color and gloss protection.

Steve recently painted our roof which was a difficult job as it was on different levels. However, this was not a problem for Steve and he did a great job. We found him to be very honest, friendly, prompt and willing to accommodate all requests we had. Steve also painted the outside of our house in 2019 and we are very happy with the work and price. We would recommend Steve as a painter. Peter (Dandoran)

Great job, he held the sky like his own and the attention to detail was beyond my expectations. (I’m struggling too) Much praise. Well, three years and the sky looks as good as the day it was finished.

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Steve and his team did a great job on our roof. From quote to finish Steve advised on color and pre-painting. Steve is proud of his work which shows in the finished product. I would recommend this company for any roof restoration. Steve is very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Steve. Mr. F

If you need a friendly local business in Hervey Bay to complete a full roof restoration or other roof repair, look no further. We also paint the interior and exterior of homes and businesses across the Hervey Bay area

Coming from a family of painters and architects, a lifetime of knowledge and skills has been passed down.

After my internship ended, I decided to start my own business and named it Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations and have been running it successfully since 2004.

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Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations has been in business longer than most other local painting businesses in the area.

Having been in business for many years, we have learned a lot and this has helped us grow to become the leading roof restoration and repair business in the Hervey Bay area.

We use only high quality tools from companies like Graco and Honda. These machines help us fulfill the promise we make for every home we restore.

Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations offers a complete premium service. From start to finish, we do all the work ourselves. From the quote and inspection to the top coat application and cleaning the site, everything is done by us.

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If you want to add value to your home, restoring the original roof is what you need. Say if you are trying to sell your home, a restored roof will let everyone know that your roof has been well maintained.

You may want to refresh and refresh the entire look of your home. If you want to protect yourself from the weather and maintain the integrity of your roof, then regular maintenance is required.

Maintaining your roof is always better than waiting until it needs to be replaced. Replacing your roof is very expensive, but painting your roof costs a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Say a storm hits, you have water and the inside of your house is damaged. Any insurance provider will send someone to investigate the cause and damage to the property. If the inspector finds cracks in the hole cap, broken shingles, corrosion or even oxidation, he will still reject your claim because the roof is not properly maintained.

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Over the years we have hired many people from the Hervey Bay area, helping them achieve their goals of becoming successful traders.

We have just started the next generation of future painters with a new first year student who is proving to be a valuable member of our team.

We are very passionate about what we do. We believe we have set a higher standard than any other roof restoration and painting business in the Hervey Bay area.

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We are constantly evolving with the ever-changing industry, using innovative products and application techniques to achieve the best possible service.

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We strive to exceed your expectations, which is why so many people in Hervey Bay are choosing us to restore their roofs. The team at All Roof Repair provides our customers with professional, quality service. Our team of skilled tradesmen know everything there is to know about roofing and gutters. We value honesty and integrity and it shows in our work. Quality and customer satisfaction are important at All Roof Repair.

Work is not important to us, but the quality of the finished product, from easy cleaning to complete maintenance, we can do it. Our team of roofers are experts in their fields and take pride in providing you with the best looking roof.

We are fully insured and our work is also guaranteed. We understand that roof maintenance and repair is an investment in your home, so we only use the highest quality products and always advise you on the best options for your budget.

“The entire roof renovation was completed with fascia and gutter replacement, shingling and painting. Top quality! The roof looks better than new. Recommended!

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“I was given an opportunity and I finished the job at the time we agreed. They have some of the best customer service and never try to sell themselves. They kept me informed of the progress of the work and were patient with all my questions. The team on site is fantastic and did such a great job! They even washed my way for free!”

“The roof is well done and professional. The customer service is very good. They really care about the customer by calling to give advice and keep me updated on the progress of the job. Good price and good quality products. Recommended to have the roof done by Whole Roof Repair.’

“Competitive price, half payment before delivery, final payment at the end, after final inspection to customer satisfaction. Excellent customer service, especially from the top office, April will make sure you are fully satisfied. Nuvan will work closely with you every step of the way as there are many things that can go wrong with a 100 year old roof, and they did, but they were there to make sure it was fixed, without additional fees or up to another. negotiation price. Sometimes they may use a subcontractor, some good, others not, but Nuvan will make sure they do a good job or solve any complaint good. I confirm that it is very difficult to work on an old roof, gutters and eaves and with a fussy customer like me. In the end I am happy. I hope that they will give me continued support under the warranty. I must say that I had to hire them to repair the old work done tw a and other Irish criminals. I love the Irish, but apparently there are a lot of Irish criminals working in the roofing industry, I wish I had a new one before I burn myself.” Show more Don’t get on your roof, it’s not just dangerous – Gutter cleaning and climbing. Your roof is a thing of the past with Gutter Knight. Gutterknight can to help you with all your Gutterguard and Guttering needs.

GutterKnight is a Qld family business and has grown to over 20 branches nationwide. We offer a 20 year written warranty and fully trained and insured staff. We will show up on time, we are professional, reliable and give free quotes, we don’t force you or take deposits, you only pay when the job is done and you are happy. Roofing and gutter work is risky Don’t let an unknown person with no insurance, no proper business structure or history put you and your home at risk. Over 100 five star Google reviews can’t go wrong, check us out at www.gutterknight.com.au or

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Roli was professional, easy to talk to and on time. They did a great job on my property (gutter cleaning and mesh installation). The service was also reasonably priced!

Rolly was professional and we were very happy with his work and the service he provided! He responded very quickly and was immediately available for the job! He seemed to have no problem dealing with our treacherous sky. Thanks Roli!

I found Roli easy to handle. He was very careful

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